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International Rally Routine 2024

2023 & 2024Rally Routine.png

We are SO excited to be teaching the international routine again this year!  

We have been teaching and performing the routine with our students since 2015, and every year different and a fun and wonderful experience.

This year, the routine is anticipated to be released in early May.  We will begin our routine practices on May 10th, and the first few practices will be dedicated to solidifying basics and connection as well as learning how to learn a routine - very important foundations before we dive into the choreography itself!

A partner is NOT required, however if you sign up with a partner you may complete all practices and performances together without rotating.  If you sign up without a partner, you will get to meet your partner(s) in class!

Classes will be $5/person/class and can be paid with CASH upon arriving each week.

By filling out this short form, you will be added to our email list and text group for updates on classes, if there are changes/cancellations, information on performances, etc.

Performances are NOT mandatory, if this is something you desire to do for yourself for fun and/or as a learning experience, that is wonderful!  

Performances will be scheduled at local venues beginning in September, details TBD.

Questions?  Reach out to Patricia at 406.850.8669

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