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Private Lessons


Private Lessons are a great way to advance your skill set at your own pace.  Private lessons are designed specifically for the student's style, level of dance, and personal goals for improvement.


Private lessons apply to groups of one to four students. You are NOT required to have a partner to take a private lesson.


Private lessons are also great activities for couples, and for bridal parties and families preparing for the special day if you are not looking for a specific choreographed routine (or see Choreography below for details, availability, and pricing).


-Private Lessons in WCS

  • $70/hour
  • Juniors (Under 18 years old): $45/hour

*** NOTE: These rates do not apply for Choreography.  See Below.

Private Lesson Availability

(filled weekly on a first-come, first-served basis)

Please visit my scheduling page to see availability and schedule lessons.

Private Groups


Group Lessons are a great way to advance your skill set at your own pace and in your own setting and time.  If you have a group of friends or family (5 people or more) interested in learning how to dance as a group, and our regular class times or styles do not meet your needs, we will create a class especially for you.


* Students are NOT required to have a partner to take a group lesson.

* Group must contain a minimum of 6 individuals.

* Cost is $15/student/hour of classes.


When scheduling your group lesson, please indicate the style of dance, and any particulars that you would like to work on.


Group lessons are great activities for bridal parties, families preparing for weddings, students preparing for a school dance, or just a group of friends looking for a fun activity to do together.



Ruth and Omar worked with Patricia to prepare this west coast swing routine to compete with in the Rising Star division at Midwest Westie Fest 2019.

Congratulations on all of your hard work; it was a blast working alongside you!

Choreography is an amazing opportunity to delve more deeply into your strengths, as well as focusing on honing your weaknesses.

We have worked with dancers to create routines for small local performances as well as Rising Star competition routines.

 DWP is eager to customize each routine to fit the individual style and desires of the clients.

- Choreography Design: $100/song (does not include lessons)


- DVD recording of instructors breaking down full routine: $175


- Lessons: $70/hour  (10% discount for purchasing 5 or more hours in advance)

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