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We, the dancers, instructors, and participants of Dancing With Patricia (hereinafter referred to as "DWP") are a vibrant community of individuals who have a high regard for each other, the art of dance, and the respectability and value of the environment we share.  All who participate are requested to demonstrate the willingness to be held accountable to uphold the values and conduct we hold fundamental to a safe and nurturing community. In all of our endeavors to learn, compete, and perform in our love of dance and means of expression, we show respect to the parents, students, peers, instructors, and guests of DWP and the wider dance community, including our competition.  We consider it a privilege to participate in a worldwide community and choose to exemplify the values of integrity, leadership, responsibility, character, professionalism, education, and equality. 

At DWP, our mission is to provide affordable, high quality dance education and social opportunities in an environment where individual expression, goals, experience, ability, and backgrounds are accepted, embraced, and nurtured.


  1. At DWP we strive to provide quality and affordable dance instruction, and to open up the world of dance to more of Billings and the greater Montana population.
    You must agree to the following terms and conditions in order to enroll in DWP private or group instruction.

  2. Payment

    1. ​-    Cash, checks, Stripe or PayPal are accepted.  Make checks payable to Patricia Lambert.
      -    Payment is due at time of booking, without exception.
      -    Please notify the instructor of any lessons that you will not be able to make.  A 24 hour notice is required in order to receive a refund. Emergency circumstances will be considered.
      -    Late payments:  If payments are not made when due, any discount granted is void one week after payment is due.  If payments are not made within one week of due date, a 10% late fee will also be assessed.  Each month following that the payment is late, an additional 10% late fee will be added to the overall payment due.

  3. Lesson Expectations

    1. -    Lessons begin on schedule.  If you are late for your lesson (private or group), that detracts from your lesson time and cannot be made up at the end of the hour.  Instructors schedule multiple lessons in a row and must stay on schedule.
      -    Any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  The student will be immediately dismissed from the lesson at the instructor’s discretion.
      -    Any lessons missed by the instructor due to illness or emergency will be rescheduled as soon as possible.
      -      If you are enrolled in an online lesson format, it is expected that you will arrive to your scheduled virtual lesson on time, having prepared your video equipment in advance.
      -      If you do not appear within five minutes of your lesson start time, you forfeit your lesson and will not be issued a refund.
      -      Whether in person or virtually, students are expected to dress appropriately for class.  Please be sure to be fully dressed upon joining a video lesson.

  4. Practicing & Completing Assigned Drills

    1. -    Practicing is an essential part of learning.  A student’s progress cannot be based on the time spent in lessons alone, but also on the work they put in behind the scenes practicing at home.
      -      If you are enrolled in a class that assigns "homework"you are expected to be accountable.  In the event that you do not complete assigned tasks, you are expected to stay focused and present with other students in the class without detracting from their learning time.

  5. Media Release - I grant permission to DWP, its instructors, volunteers, and guest professionals to obtain and use for marketing and professional purposes, videos and photos of my participation in DWP and related activities.

  6. Liability Release

    1. It is the policy of Dancing With Patricia to require a signed liability release before allowing anyone to participate in a choreography, group, or private lesson.
      In addition to acknowledging receipt of and agreement to the policies of Dancing With Patricia Studio, by signing this document you acknowledge:

    2. I understand the instructor(s) will do as much is reasonable to prevent accidents.  However, I fully understand that some activities involve inherent risks to me regardless of all feasible safety measures that may be taken by the studio.  In consideration of the studio's agreement to allow me to participate in the dance classes/lessons as either a teacher, guest, or student, I agree to accept responsibility for any loss or injury to me that occurs during my participation that is not the result of fraud, willful injury, or the willful or negligent violation of a law by an instructor, student, or member of Dancing With Patricia Studio.

    3. In consideration of the benefits derived from Dancing With Patricia, LLC, I (we) do hereby agree to hold harmless DWP, its employees, agents, independent contractors, successors and assigns, and board of directors, as well as organizations, private owners, and business owners of venues in which lessons and events take place, from any claims for personal injuries to myself, my (our) boy(s) or girl(s) while participating in said dance or any other studio activities.  Please state any medical conditions student(s) has/have that DWP should be aware of.

    4. In the event it becomes necessary for Dancing With Patricia instructors to obtain emergency care for me, neither s/he, nor the studio, assumes financial liability for expenses incurred because of an accident, injury, illness, and/or unforeseen circumstances.


Revised and adopted April 13, 2018., Patricia Lambert

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