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Patricia Hampton Lambert
Dance Instructor, Choreographer, and Performer
and Women's Achievement Coach

Patricia (Hampton) Lambert is the owner of Dancing With Patricia, LLC. In 2010, Patricia joined a university dance group under the instruction of Olivia (Vacca) Nalder and began her education in Ballroom and Latin dance.
For the next several years, she increased her involvement with and training in dance and began assistant teaching in 2012. Patricia trained vigorously, traveling numerous times each year to national events.
Her on-going coaches, professional dancers, Manny Viarrial of Colorado and Shay Patel of Florida, pushed her to new heights. Nationwide training in dance, education, private and large group coaching techniques, and dance physiology, as well as her degree with specialization in education, have provided her an ability to work with a broad spectrum of learning styles, physical limitations, and abilities. Her studio emphasizes two specialties: west coast swing and working with wedding couples.
Her passion is rooted in West Coast Swing, focusing not only on patterns, but on technique and partnering. Her SwingKidz program is open to students as young as three, and her adult program ranges to all ages and ability levels. The love that Patricia has for choreography is evident in the unique experience she has with each wedding couple she works.
Patricia has been teaching in the Billings and surrounding areas for six years now. Her experience encompasses a number of ballroom, Latin, and swing styles. Patricia has taught group classes at local businesses and through a non-profit, as well as growing her own private studio of dance and choreography. She continues to travel and compete nationally.
Her students have earned numerous silver and gold medals at the Big Sky State Games, and Patricia has held the title of both Dance Champion and People's Choice Award at the annual Dancing With the Big Sky Stars.



Tel: 406 - 850 - 8669


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