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Sizzling Swing Mini-Intensive

A West Coast Swing Workshop & Social Event

Sizzling Swing Mini-Intensive (Facebook Event Cover).png

Saturday, June 10th

11:00am - 6:00pm

Loving those easy breezy summertime vibes, but missing our regularly scheduled west coast swing classes?

Join Instructors Jarrett & Patricia Lambert for a Mini-Intensive in West Coast Swing!

See Below for Complete Schedule and Descriptions

Sessions are $15 Each or

$45 Full Day online by June 1st

Prices increase to $20 Each or $65 Full Day after June 1st!



11-12:30p -  Breezy Beginner Bootcamp

Whether you have been through the WCS Basics or you are trying WCS for the first time, this class will give you excellent practice in the foundations of WCS patterns, rhythms, and techniques!  If you are waiting for our Westie Welcome classes to come back in August, this is the perfect place for you to get solid WCS instruction until the weekly sessions return!

12:30-2:30p -  Sizzling Social Dance & BBQ Lunch

That's right, mid-day social dancing to a wide variety of west coast swing music, all while the grill is hot and sizzling outside!  Hotdogs, Hamburgers, and Side Dishes will be provided during this event!

2:30-4:00p -  Scorching Leaders' & Followers' Styling

Looking to turn up the heat on your styling?  During this workshop, Patricia will work with the follows, and Jarrett will work with the leaders to play with a variety of styling options... Then, leaders and followers will converge for a styling Dance-Off!  The last portion of this workshop, leads and follows will come together to put their styling into practice with a partner!

4:00-5:30p -  Adventurous Pattern Creations

You've gone down the Youtube Rabbit Hole, you've seen the incredible patterns that can grow and evolve from west coast swing basics.  In this workshop, we will begin with basic west coast swing patterns and grow and evolve them into a variety of increasingly intricate pattern options.  These patterns will have options for both leader and follower influenced choices!

5:30-6:00p -  Open Practice

Close out the day practicing what you've learned, cooling down from all of the spicy fun that you've had, and ask those final burning questions - - this is FREE and included if you participated in one or more classes earlier in the day.


**Then, head to USA Dance Williamsburg!

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