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All Star Lia Brown Returns to Billings


Announcing Billings' third annual Women's Westie Weekend! While the weekend will feature events and workshops for men, women, children, leaders, and followers alike, this weekend has several workshops and activities specifically designed to empower and celebrate the women in our local Westie community.

Traditionally, our community sees a greater follower population. This weekend provides opportunity to further build relationships with other Westie women, partake in ladies exclusive stretch and isolation workshops, and excel personal growth in dance with specialized workshops in solo-training.

All of the Follower classes will provide training and drills for styling and variations a follower can do regardless of the level of the leader!

This year we will be welcoming back Lia Brown who visited our community in the Fall. If you had the opportunity to be a part of any of her classes that day, you know that you won't want to miss any of the fun!

MAY 1-5, 2019 . . . 

Women's Westie Weekend


Lia Brown.


Weekend Schedule  --  Please NOTE:

* Indicates Workshop taught by Lia Brown

WWW – West Women’s Weekend Event – Ladies Only, must have pass

L – Leaders welcome

F – Followers welcome


- 2 Lunches

- 1 Dinner

- Movie & Wine Night

- Make Overs & Tacos

- Trip to Chico

- Coffee Meet & Greet

- 3 Ladies-Only Workshops


may 01

Lia Arrives!

5pm - Ladies Forum & Artistic Expression WWW

6:30pm - Westie Wednesday

may 02

8am - Ladies depart - Westies in Chico! WWW

4:30pm - Coffee & Conversations - MoAv

6pm - Body Isolations with Patricia - WWW

          Lia Available for Private Lessons

7:30pm - Make Overs & Tacos - WWW



10am-4pm - Lia available for Private Lessons

5:15pm - Crossover Class - TBA

6:30pm - * The Style within the Structure - (F)

7:30pm - Movie Night & Wine Tasting - WWW, 

             21 and older

may 04

10am-2pm Lia available for Private Lessons

12pm - Yoga with Beverly-Ruth - WWW

1:15pm - Basics Review

2:15pm - Lunch - WWW

3:00pm - * SwingKidz The West Coast Swing Game

3:00pm - Essential Variations

4:15pm - * Watch & Learn - (FL)

** Break! **

7pm - History of Swing Dance & Music Presentation

          (Dinner Provided)

8p-11:30pm - May the 4th Be With You -

                  Star Wars Dance Party!



10a-12pm - Lia available for Private Lessons

10:30am - Stretch & Fitness with Patricia - WWW

11:30am - Dancer Self-Care

12:30pm - Lunch WWW

1:15pm - * Hitting a Bull's Eye (LF)

2:30pm - * A Confident You (F)

3:45pm - Open Forum (All)

may 06

Lia leaves us...

Workshop Fees & Discount Packages

WWW Platinum Pass - Ladies-Only:  Value $350

  • All Westie Women's Weekend Activities

  • All General Admission Workshops

  • 2 Lunches

  • DVD Re-Cap of ALL Workshops

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing

WWW Gold Pass Ladies-Only: Value $285

  • All Westie Women's Weekend Activities

  • 4 General Admission Workshops

  • 2 Lunches

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing


Silver Pass: Value $250 - No WWW Classes/Activities

  • All General Admission Workshops

  • Saturday Lunch

  • DVD Re-Cap of General Admission Workshops

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing


Bronze Pass: Value $130

  • 6 General Admission Workshops

  • Saturday Lunch

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing

Individual Workshops:

  • $18 Each - Pre-Registration

Saturday Night Social Dance:

  • $7

NOTE:  All WWW Activities have an individual participation fee.  If you are planning to purchase a workshop package and participate in only certain WWW activities, please inquire for prices for the activities you are interested in.










Call 406.850.8669 For Private Lesson Registration

45-Minute Lesson: $85

90-Minute Lesson: $160

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