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West Coast Swing Group Classes

Offered in Person & Virtually

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Group West Coast Swing Classes are available for youth (starting as young as age 3) as well as for adults.

For information about youth swing dance opportunities, click HERE.

Dancing With Patricia (DWP) offers West Coast Swing classes in a leveled format, encouraging dancers to progress through the curriculum at your own pace to create a strong foundation and laddered  learning as you progress in your dance. 

The leveled options are as follows:
Level 1: Westie Welcome

  • A 6-Module/6-Week series introducing you to all of the basic patterns and concepts of West Coast Swing

Level 2: Next Level WCS

  • This level is broken down into four sub-levels (2.0; 2.1; 2.2; 2.3) each with a 12-module series associated with them.  For ease of access, these 12-module series are also broken down into three 4-module sections according to related content.

Level 3: WCS Level UP!

  • This level is for high-level novice and intermediate content and is taught on a case-by-case basis.  Admission into this level of training is by invitation, and often offered to DWP assistant staff and routine students in a small group setting.

Why should I enroll in one of these leveled classes?

When you enroll in one of the full six or twelve module leveled classes, you not only gain access to the pre-recorded or live content during your period of enrollment, you also have lifetime access to the private online community for that class, AND lifetime access at no additional charge to any Zoom online round of the program.  
Westie Welcome is generally run 4-6 times annually via zoom, and each of the level 2 classes is generally offered 1-2 times annually. This is a wonderful opportunity to re-immerse in the content, ask questions, get instructor feedback, and freshen your technique and styling.  This is also a great time to take the course in the opposite role, so if you've worked through and are comfortable with the content as a follower, next round you may want to take the course as a leader!

Click Images for More Information and Instant Course Access
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