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Jason Donahoo WCS Workshop Event
April 6th

Jason Donahoo.png

"Effective Partnered Communication: Passive and Active Dancing" This workshop will delve deeper into the "what" and "how" we understand our dance partnership. Jason will explain the differences between active speaking and active listening in dance to create opportunities for creative moments. Prereqs: have a good understanding of the basic patterns and connection, be willing to think outside the box.


"Advance Your Basics: Efficient Movement" Higher level dancers aren't just defined by knowing more patterns. Higher level dancers are defined by their expertise through basic movements and practiced body flight. This workshop is designed to level up all your basics and patterns through specific biomechanical drills and techniques.


"Rotational Energy and You" Taking a look at rotational energy, this workshop will develop your dance to allow for higher level, rotational patterns. We'll take a look at different additives to your connection to facilitate ease of leading and following these patterns. Prereqs: know your basic patterns, leverage, and compression. (This workshop is adding things to the basic connection, not building the basic connection)

Jason will be available for private lessons in west coast swing.

Private Lessons are $95/Hour and can be scheduled here.

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