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Looking for a way to stay active, or become more active during this time of social distancing?  Need to find ways to supplement weekly classes or trips to the gym until local facilities are able to re-open?
Why not try dance and movement classes from the comfort of your own home?!
See the below options on how to enroll in online classes or register for private dance lessons from Billings' professional dance instructor, Patricia Lambert, during this time of social distancing and beyond.
Patricia teaches multiple styles of ballroom, Latin, and swing dance, with specialization in west coast swing and training wedding couples.
Online sessions are designed to accommodate individuals with access to partners, and those who are learning without a partner!
If you have any questions, feel free to call or text 406.850.8669 for a free consultation.

ABCs of Movement to Music: Free Livestream class from March 31st in Partnership with SKT Community.

Partnered connection and introduction to swing Free Livestream class from April 4th in Partnership with The Bridal Talk.

Line dance to "Make You Believe" by Lucy Hale. 

You can practice this line dance without a partner! Get your body moving and practice techniques of footwork and body movement.

Women's Westie Weekend 2020

WWW Event Cover (1).png
How your orders work:
When you place your order, you will receive an email with a PDF for each class you have purchased containing it's individual like.  Please be sure to save this PDF where you can continue to access it!
Want the full 9 hours of classes for $85?
Register at
All 9 hours of Women's Westie Weekend classes are now available for individual purchase!  We are so excited to make these classes available in full for your enjoyment long after our annual weekend of workshops has ended.
Here is our list of class offerings from each instructor:
Saturday Dancers' Stretch with Beverly-Ruth Laci
Working Through Your Feet [F] with Alyssa Glanville
Creating Angles in Your Dance [LF] with Alyssa Glanville
Transformation with Tracy Staten
Wellness with Mahala Fedor
Sunday Dancers Stretch with Beverly-Ruth Laci
Rhythm Isn't Only In Your Feet [F] with Alyssa Glanville
Rule Your World with Patricia Lambert
Dimensions of Connection [LF] with Alyssa Glanville
Contrasting Your Movement [F] with Alyssa Glanville
* Classes with a follower focus are indicated with [F] and those with leader AND follower focus are indicated with [LF]
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