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Women's Westie Weekend 2020
Full Replays Available NOW!

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Recorded in May of 2020, the Women's Westie Weekend workshops were captured in full during our first virtual rendition of this event.  All workshops are available for instant access (see below for schedule which shows the 10 workshop titles).

Workshops can be purchased in one of two bundles - the full WWW '20 package contains all 10 workshops, OR the WWW Glanville package only contains the five west coast swing specific classes taught by Alyssa Glanville.

I am excited to continue for the fourth year with Women's Westie Weekend annual event in its new virtual format! This event was created to bring the women of our swing community together, to provide strong training and support to our followers, and to encourage growing bonds in our community.

Now, more than ever, we need to embrace these founding goals, and bring dancers from across the globe together to strengthen our community and support our instructors and professionals who support our community and make our local, national, and international events possible, so that we can come back together on the dance floor stronger than ever.

Thank you to Alyssa for being our headlining instructor for the second time in the history of WWW, to Tracy for being our headlining instructor in 2018 and returning this year with a transformation workshop for our attendees, Mahala for keeping all of our bodies functional at conventions and bringing her wellness and care to us virtually, and Beverly-Ruth for being a fabulous assistant to Dancing With Patricia and leading our attendees through Stretch classes for WWW.  And above all, thank you for joining us for this event and supporting this event!

~Patricia Lambert

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WWW2020 Virtual Schedule.jpg

Alyssa Glanville has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She started in Lindy hop and Folk Dancing. While she loved dance, she spent a lot of her youth playing soccer and showing horses competitively. It wasn't until she started ballroom when she was 15 that she was first exposed to West Coast Swing. She immediately fell in love with the dance, especially the creative aspect drawn from other dances.


Since then, Alyssa has trained in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Zouk, and a small amount of Ballet. She uses her knowledge from those dances to enhance her WCS. Now Alyssa trains daily to stay physically fit and loves to practice creative freestyle movement every day. She travels all around the World teaching, performing, and judging on her own and with occasional partners. She also competes at the Champion level and is known for her joyful and playful personality on and off the floor.


She graduated May 2017 with a degree in Communications and Business and uses her knowledge for effective communications between herself, her students, and her peers.   


Tracy Staten grew up always pulled between reaching for her dreams and keeping her feet planted on the ground and living the world as “society intends”. But one day after her mama/best friend passed from cancer, she decided to stop doing what everyone else thought was great and normal. She wanted to live different than what everyone else talked about. A life that was free, that was full of beautiful things and amazing people and energy.

So she sold (almost) everything, I lived as a nomad for just over 2 years traveling solo and Living In the Moment…even though everyone told her that a woman “couldn’t travel alone!”. Starting in California, she went up to Oregon & Canada, and then Prague, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, & Poland. She spent 3 months in Europe meeting people in restaurants, on tours that she wasn’t even a part of, in hostels, in grocery stores. Many of these people she’s still friends with to this day! And now, after crossing the world to meet herself, she wants to share that gift with others. To inspire them to make that “impossible list”…to get outside of their comfort zone…to get outside of what society approves of…to do for their dreams…and Live in the Moment!

Tracy www 2020.jpg

Mahala is a massage therapist with 10 year experience woking in the field of bodywork. She has specialized working with dancers- especially those in West Coast Swing for the last 4 years. You can often find her at different events helping dancers before and after comps either working on mobility issues or helping them to de-stress for their comps. Her techniques include a focus in - various manual massage modalities, including sports, myofacial techniques, medical massage, MET, structural release, Alexander technique, as well as somatic relaxation techniques. Her love for dance has made her practice a unique tailored approach for her clients as she has a deep understanding of the needs of dancers.

Mahala 2020.jpg
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 Beverly-Ruth is a dancer in the Billings dance community and has been doing West Coast Swing for nearly 3 years. She has trained in other styles of partner dance as well as multiple styles of martial arts.


Health and stretching has been a huge passion of hers ever since a volleyball related injury in early high school. Her goal for this weekend is to make sure everybody can enjoy the wonderful classes injury free, especially after possibly not moving as much as usual lately.

Beverly-Ruth is an integral member of the Dancing With Patricia team and has assisted in classes and administrative ways since her initial introduction to dance.

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