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Women's Westie Weekend 2024

A West Coast Swing Intensive & Social Event

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Wednesday, May 22 - Sunday, May 26

Workshop Weekend Featuring:

  • Workshops for ALL (Leads/Follows, Men/Women)

  • Workshops for FOLLOWS

  • Women's Social Activities

  • Social Dancing for ALL 


With Headliner TASHINA BECKMAN KING and more incredibly talented and experienced staff members!   Check out the packed schedule below and register early to save up to 55% on some bundles!

Women's Westie Weekend is for men, women, children, leaders, and followers alike! However, this weekend is special in that it has several workshops and activities specifically designed to empower and celebrate the women in our local Westie community! We loved hosting this event 2017-2020, and are so excited to host it for the second year in our new home studio!
Traditionally, our community sees a greater population of women attending classes and events. This weekend provides opportunity to further build relationships with other Westie women, partake in ladies' exclusive workshops, and excel personal growth in dance with specialized workshops in solo-training. There will also be some workshops that are specific to FOLLOWING, so as long as that is your chosen role during that workshop, all are welcome!
All of the Follower classes will provide training and drills for styling and variations a follower can do regardless of the level of the leader!
Leaders, this weekend is a huge opportunity for you as well! Classes for leaders and followers will focus on communication, how to showcase your partner, ways to invite play, and so much more... this is not a weekend of pattern after pattern workshops, it is all about how you can empower your follow and co-create magical energy on the dance floor!
Tashina Beckman Kiing will be headlining this event, and more instructors will be teaching single special workshops as well... keep your eyes peeled for details as we make announcements of our full staff line up!

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